The Midnight Odyssey is a five-piece rock band formed in 2015. The band is known for their deep lyrics and unique melodic approach that has captivated listeners. Their musical style is influenced by progressive rock and art rock and features a sound that incorporates mystical and lyrical elements; in 2022, the band's musical range was further expanded with the addition of a talented female singer." The Odyssey of Echoes" is the band's first studio album with this new formation and is a testament to their growth and evolution.

An official PV created by Artificial Flix (Kazutoshi Otani) for The Midnight Odyssey, a virtual rock band project by Koya Matuo & Junichiro Yamasaki.


- Jake Harper (Lead Vocals & Guitar): Jake is the band's primary songwriter, and his passionate performances are the heart of the band's music.
- Lily Ford (Lead Vocals & Keyboards): Lily adds a new dimension to the band's sound with her captivating voice and exceptional skills on the keyboards. Her addition allows for a wider range of emotional expression in the band's music.
- Elliott Smith (lead guitar): Elliott's intricate and melodic guitar solos add depth to the band's sound.
- Maia Chang (bass): Maia's innovative bass lines provide a unique groove to the band's music.
- Liam O'Connor (Drums): Liam's strong and technical drumming forms the foundation of the band's dynamic sound.
- Koya Matsuo (Producer):
Producer Koya Matsuo is the sixth member of the band and is responsible for the band's musical direction. He is the spiritual pillar of the band, as well as in charge of information dissemination and schedule management.


The Odyssey of Echoes

  1. Shadows in the Moonlight
  2. Whispers of the Past
  3. Through the Storm
  4. Crimson Skies
  5. Siren's Call
  6. Lost in Time
  7. Ritual of the Night
  8. Echoes Reprise (Interlude)
  9. Beneath the Veil
  10. Whirlwind of Fate
  11. Endless Echoes
  12. Echoes of Eternity

From left to right: Maia Zhang, Elliott Smith, Lily Ford, Liam O'Connor, Jake Harper

Album Commentary

Formed in 2015, Midnight Odyssey quickly made a name for themselves on the music scene with their unique musical style. Their third studio album, The Odyssey of Echoes, is the most ambitious step the band has ever taken. The album consists of 12 tracks that take the listener on a journey to another dimension, each song weaving its own unique story.

[Music Style and Theme]
The album features a wide variety of musical styles, from epic instrumentals to heartwarming ballads to energetic rock numbers. Themes range from ancient secrets to visions of the future to supernatural phenomena, all woven together to capture the listener's imagination. The band uses intricate arrangements and lyrical storytelling to take the listener on a journey through time and space.

[Tracks of Note]
Echoes of Eternity": The album's opener, "Echoes of Eternity" features epic strings and powerful drums that instantly pull the listener into the album's world.
Siren's Call": With its seductive vocals and exotic rhythms, "Siren's Call" is reminiscent of the legends of distant seas.
Lost in Time": This melodic ballad is the emotional centerpiece of the album, a moving expression of love and connection that transcends time.
Ritual of the Night": Dark and rhythmic, this track blends tribal drumbeats and mystical melodies to create a musical portrait of the rituals of the night.

The Odyssey of Echoes is the culmination of Midnight Odyssey's creative and musical talents. The album proves their ability to tell stories through music, breaking new ground in progressive rock. Bringing deep emotion and rich imagination to the listener, this is an unforgettable experience for all who love the musical journey.

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